The Power of My Disability

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The Life Story of an Inspiring Woman

Joy was declared 80% spastic and was doomed to be dependent on help twenty-four hours a day her entire life. In the meantime, she runs her own company sitting in a wheelchair, gives seminars and coaches people who want to learn to think differently. She is married, has a wonderful daughter and has written her first book The Power of my Disability. Her first years of life she spent in hospitals and finally she ended up in the famous or rather ill famed “Het Dorp” in Arnhem (an institution for disabled people) where she only had one goal: to get out of the institution. Something that Joy describes in her book is how people in these institutions are often told what they are not able to do and are definitely not taught what they might possibly be able to do. The help disabled people receive makes her helpless. Focusing on the impossibilities instead of focusing on the possibilities.

Joy van der Stel wanted to be different and get away from this oppressing situation, which she did in the end: she lived on her own when she was twenty-three. Meanwhile, Joy has been on several television programs. She was asked by Dutch shows such as “De Wandeling” by KRO (Dutch channel), gave an interview in the talk show “Het Elfde Uur”, was a guest on the Dutch television channel MAX and several other local television channels.She does not shun the media because she wants to tell her story. Joy wants to point out the possibilities to disabled as well as non-disabled people because most people only think of their impossibilities.

From the back of the book

“Non-disabled people too need to overcome difficulties. Let my approach inspire you.”

“It is not your handicap but you who decides who you want to be and what you can do.”

Joy van der Stel is a successful lecturer, with her life story she inspires thousands of people in and outside the businessworld. But above all she is a successful mother of a wonderful daughter and happily married to John.

“A magnificent testimony of one of the strongest women I know. I read this moving book all in one go.” – The late Eckart Wintzen, entrepeneur

“Joy’s lessons of life convincingly demonstrate how much more one can get from life. As long as you believe you can do it… know you are worth it and are willing to work hard for it.” – Marc de Hond. presenter and author of the book Strength, the new life of an optimist (not translated yet)

Also available as e-book

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Translation: K. Versluis-Probst
Hardcover, bound
310 pages
Size: 14,8 x 21,7 x 3 cm

Also available as e-book

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    It makes me quiet. What a story. I am ashamed to confess that the prejudiced attitude people often have towards the disabled, as you say in your book, applies to me too. And then especially like… don’t look, poor thing…, don’t ask anything… etc. etc.

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    “I wish you lots of success with your book, it will be of help to many people. I think you are great!

  3. Waardering 5 uit 5

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    Yee, a very good read! I just wanted to let you know that I really think it is a very special story. How inspiring… wow…!

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    You put into words exactly what I encountered in my work; time and time again I noticed that children were being lived and were not given any responsibilities of their own. I hope you will become the national figurehead.

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    My name is Luca. About 2,5 years ago I came to this world eleven weeks too early and I appeared to be spastic. I already decided there and then that I want to do everything at my own pace and in my own way… You are a source of inspiration to my mother, she now knows for sure that she can trust on her own feelings en will power. I am very grateful for that!!!

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    I read your new book in no time! Beautiful how you describe your life. And so honest and open. My compliments. We can all learn a lot from you..

  7. Waardering 4 uit 5

    Eerdere Reacties

    Your book is so truthful and leaves no questions, so that anyone can learn something from it.

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    Eerdere Reacties

    I hope and expect that you will be and become a great example for everyone; whether you are disabled or not, it doesn’t make any difference. We often fail to see the profundity in our work, and this is what you – even to me – make clear in a painful way.

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